Oral Lamisil Pills to Treat Nail Fungus

Currently, lamisil is the standard treatment for fungal Trichophyton rubrum infections on nail beds, which more often known as nail fungus. oral lamisil pills nail fungusHowever, the standard treatment for nail fungus that has been used requires a very large cost of medical insurance. Therapy needs oral lamisil taken daily for 3 months.

The manufacturer recommends 250 mg of terbinafine (lamisil) every day for 12 weeks. Recommendations from factory have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Means, every patient who suffered from nail fungus must buy 84 lamisil pills. Price 30 pills terbinafine 250 mg on the market approximately $ 150. Means, to treat fungal infections is needed about $ 450. The high cost of treatment has led some doctors from Miami to study which lamisil treatment is most effective in curing nail fungus.

They compared the results of group therapy patients given lamisil 250 mg per day for 7 consecutive days every month, every 2 month, every 3 month, and every 4 months for 1 year. Treatment outcomes were also compared with the standard treatment of daily terbinafine for 3 month.

Group given standard treatment requires 84 lamisil pills. Meanwhile, in a given treatment group being studied requires fewer pills. This certainly will greatly save cost nail fungus treatment. In the treatment group were given every 2 months, they only spend around $ 210 to buy 42 lamisil pills. In patients given lamisil every 3 months, they only spend about $ 140 to buy 28 lamisil pills.

Are standard treatments that require expensive cost more effective than treatment every 3 months? This study proved that daily lamisil for 7 days every 3-month treatment was very effective in eradicating the fungus that infects the nail. If the standard treatment for nail fungus use daily lamisil pill every 3 months, cost to treat fungal infections will be more frugal.

Does your family doctors already using the treatment based on this research? Are your doctor still uses a standard oral medication to treat nail fungus? Please share your experience, guys!

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