Best home cure for toenail fungus

Best home cure for toenail fungus – cheap treatment for toenail fungus

Best home cure for toenail fungus
Although not dangerous to your health, nail fungus is still an annoying problem for many people. You can start as a small line on a toe, but quickly spread to other toes and become a much bigger problem. Many people see TV commercials and I think a doctor is the only option, but I wonder if there are home remedies for nail fungus. As the ads say, a doctor can not cure this unsightly problem, but these medical treatments can be expensive and cause some side effects. Why pay tons of money for a pill that can be dangerous when you can use simple best home cure for toenail fungus?

Best home cure for toenail fungus has probably been around as long as there home and the shoes were. At least these days in North America, nail fungus (onychomycosis) is the nail disorder more common in adults. Keep feet enclosed in airless shoes for much of the 12 months contributes to this dilemma. When your toes get wet with sweat, the best developed for fungi. However, onychomycosis is also common in warm climates where the shoes tend to be more airy.

What is the best home cure for toenail fungus?

A common best home cure for toenail fungus is tea tree oil. It is a natural substance available in health food stores. Just use a cotton swab and put some under and over the edge of the nail. Just be careful. Tea tree oil is very irritating, so use sparingly. Also, try not to get it on your skin if you can, you can take off. However, if you are willing to nail fungus free, this is an excellent treatment.

Another best home cure for toenail fungus that can be found at any health food store is lapacha tea. Tea brewing, but instead of drinking it, soak the affected nails. Twice a day, should answer for your mold problems.

If you cannot find the tea tree oil and have no time to soak your feet in tea twice a day, another best home cure for toenail fungus is coconut oil. You can rub and under the nail twice a day. It is sweeter than tea tree oil, but still known to help cure the infection. Other substances that have been milder known to help include: Vicks VapoRub, olive leaf extract and oregano oil. Furthermore, the use of a substance more fat not only the substance kills the head, but also seals the area, cut the air and promote the fight.

What is meant with best home cure for toenail fungus, and yeast all courses is that it takes time. You must apply the remedy until the entire nail is free of fungus. Because the fungus grows deep into the nail bed, the time required for the nail to break is the time that you should use a remedy.

After using best home cure for toenail fungus, you should be able to see the results at the base of the nail in a few weeks, but if treatment is stopped before the infection occurs on, it is likely to spread to the new nail healthy. For this reason, you should discontinue use and treatment of the infected nail trimming regularly. Once the fungal infection is gone, you should also get rid of all your old shoes and buy new. Otherwise, you can re-infect the nails with the same fungus.

Best home cure for toenail fungus – scientific view

Tea tree oil is best home cure for toenail fungus which has proven by clinical trial. It can cure toenail fungus as effective as penlac nail polish. But it must be remembered that a topical treatment is additional treatment for toenail fungus. Use of oral antifungal treatment is the best treatment with high effectiveness.

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