Toenail Discoloration

Toenail discoloration is not only caused by nail fungus. Toenail trauma is also usually get toenail discoloration. If you find a color change on your toenail, consult it with your doctor to distinguish whether the change in color is symptoms of toenail fungus or resulted from nail trauma.

I just want to share some tips to determine whether discoloration is caused by fungal infection or trauma. Fungal infection can invade your toenails. Invasion of fungus on your toenails result in discoloration thus toenail discoloration is one of common toenail fungus symptoms. Beside creating a toenail discoloration, fungus also make itchy, thickening, and the broken of your nails. Toenail discoloration caused by fungal infection starts from toenail bed. Discoloration spread to the entire nail. Toenai fungus can cause yellow, brown, or black toenail.

Nail trauma can cause bleeding under your toenail. This bleeding result in blackening under the nail. If color change start to develop after a few days, probably toenail discoloration is caused by nail trauma. However, if toenail discoloration start to spread, it may be caused by fungus. If you detect any changes in toenail color, consult it with your doctor for definitive diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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