Melanonychia, How to deal with this nail discoloration?

melanonychia nail discoloration treatmentMelanonychia is a pigmentation of the nail that causes a pattern of black or brown color on the nail. This black toenail discoloration is caused by the melanin pigment. Black discolored nail are commonly encountered nail problems. Problem of black color changes in nails can be caused by many things. Melanonychia can be symptoms of fungal nail infections which also known as onychomycosis. This problem can also be caused by exposure to chemical substances such as drugs. Liver disease can also cause black pigmentation of the nail. However, the cause melanonychia that must be addressed early is melanoma. So, How to deal with this nail discoloration?

What should be done to overcome melanonychia? The main objective of melanonychia management is to diagnose melanoma early. Black pigmentation should be immediately determined whether caused by melanoma or other reasons. Various melanonychia cause can be determined by looking at the clinical picture of the nails that have black pigmentation. It is very difficult but can be done by experts. Clinicians should immediately determine whether melanonychia is necessary to cut or not. Dermoscopic examination will greatly assist clinicians in determining whether the affected nail melanonychia can be treated or needs to be done cutting. If melanonychia is caused by nail fungus, it can be dealed with some combinations of nail fungus treatment modalities such as oral pills and topical treatments.

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